There are a ton of music management programs on the internet. Many of these are free programs, but most people do not even know that they exist. So many people find themselves settling for the standard Microsoft Windows Media Players.

Media Monkey is the greatest free music manager that you do not know about. It allows people to organize and tag audio files. The ability to tag files is one of the most important things that can be done for digital audio. This allows users to search for files by title, artist, album, or composer.

People that use Media Monkey are able to manage up o 50,000 files. This is a large amount of files, but Media Monkey allows you to search through a collection this size very quickly. There is an unbelievable amount of features in this program.

It contains an embedded program, for example, that allows you to select tracks from playlists and burn a CD. There is also a file monitor that allows you to update the program automatically to reflect changes that have been made on the hard drive. There is even a jukebox feature that allows you to select tracks under a certain category. This is an awesome feature that can put the program into a DJ mode and allow you to start an unattended extended play of all your favorite songs for hours.

One of the best features is the auto identify for tracks that are missing information. This gives you the ability to utilize the tag feature and incorporate the industry standard formats when you discover files with erroneous naming conventions. There are even reports and statistics that can be ran to give users an idea of what their music collection actually contains. This is the greatest music management program for digital audio.