Computers have played a very important role in our lives today. It has helped us finish a lot of things faster. With the help of computers, we are able to multitask. It has been a great invention that boosts the productivity of many companies, and thus, increasing the profits.

When we talk about productivity, it is the ability of a person to finish more tasks in the same amount of time. One good way to maximize productivity is to improve typing skills. The main way that we interact with a computer is by typing. The faster you type, the more tasks you can accomplish and you can increase productivity. To do this, time is needed so that you can practice and improve your typing skills. There are tests that can measure the number of words that you are able to type every minute. Once you know it, you now have a basis for improvement.

Knowing the keys on the keyboard and memorizing where they are can increase productivity since there will be no need to look at the keyboard while typing. You can type without looking at the keyboard and your eyes are on the screen as you type. This can save a lot of time, believe me or not.

Knowing about keyboard shortcuts can also save a lot of type. You no longer have to right click on the mouse. With just one hand, you can copy or paste or open a new document. It is important that one knows the important keyboard shortcuts to be productive.

Computers can also be a form of distraction especially because of the advent of social media. There are games to be played and the internet is a place where we can chat with friends. Time management is very essential to be productive.