Many people log on to their computers everyday for the first time and are unaware of the various dangers that the Internet can bring to unsuspecting users. One of the most prevalent of these issues is malware. Malware is a type of program that installs itself on computers through a gateway program that poses as a legitimate piece of software. Unfortunately, many people unknowingly install these pieces of software without knowing they are a threat; infecting their computers with malware. Fortunately, while it is easy to infect your computer with it, it is also to easy to remove the malware.

Free Virus Scan

Free virus scans are among one of the most simple and effective methods in removing malware. To begin with, they are free, which makes them extremely accessible. Additionally, upon installing them on your computer, they run on relative auto-pilot and are regularly updated to identify new threats.

Add/Remove Programs Section in Task Menu

If you are aware of a potential program on your computer that is causing a problem, you can manually remove it via the add and remove programs section in your control panel. Simply access this area and locate the program that you suspect, then remove it.

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