The office suite is among one of the most commonly used software packages in computing history. It gets used in classrooms, offices and casually by people everywhere. Due to the immense popularity of this software package, not a lot is known about the alternatives that exist on the market. In some cases, these alternatives are just as good as a program from the office suite, but much less expensive. Below are some alternatives to the popular office suites.

Google Docs

Google docs is a software package provided by Google that is completely free. While it lacks some of the features associated with the Microsoft office suite, it has plenty to work with to get the job done.

Open Office

Open office is another free alternative that is among one of the most closely compared to the Microsoft office suite. It has many of the same features and abilities as the big office suite, and lacks the user interface issues that many users of Office 2007 find irritating.


Zoho is a software package that pertains more so to group projects and collaborating between groups. It also has many of the basic features needed to get personal projects done as well.

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