So you’ve got a new Android and you’re worried there aren’t as many good apps out there as the iPhone has…you’d be wrong. Here are a few of our favorite time-saving technology apps for the Droid and the ways in which they can improve your life…
Out of Milk: This awesome listmaker allows you to make multiple lists at once and group them into categories like “work” and “groceries.” If you’ve got a scanning app downloaded you can even scan your items to add them to the list. What’s better than having all the Direct satellite and basic cable listings right on your phone? This app allows you to save your location and provider and alerts you when your favorite shows are coming on.
Google Reader: Did you know you can import your Google Reader directly into your phone? It’s easy to get a real-time feed of all your favorite sites and blogs when you download this free app and customize the settings.
Put your smartphone to good use and don’t worry about getting a Droid versus an iPhone…there’s nothing one can do that the other can’t!

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