So you have a new PC and you’re dying to use it. In order to enjoy using your PC you do need some useful programs. One of the programs you need is a great Word program. This could be included in an Office program. These are the top 10 programs the give you a great start when you own a new PC.

1. A good operating software program.

2. An office program with Word, Excel, Power Point, Tools and Outlook is the first necessary program.

3. Adobe Reader and Adobe PDF are great programs for downloading and reading documents. Almost all ebooks are in PDF format and a reader will allow you to download and read your ebook.

4. A CD and DVD maker is helpful if you make copies of music or if you save files on CD. It’s also great if you want to make your own DVD’s from downloaded pictures or videos.

5. To download and edit pictures, a great photo editing software. Your finalized photos will look great. You can vanquish red eye and crop pictures to get rid of excessive empty space, etc.

6. A good browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.

7. An internet security program in mandatory. You shouldn’t go on the internet even once without a security program. There are too many hazards in the form of trojan horses and viruses to chance it. When your computer gets infected it could be ruined and never perform well again.

8. A good media player will allow you to play movies and audio files downloaded from online.

9. A video conferencing program that allows the use of a web cam and instant messaging.

10. A good system diagnostic tool to determine what mechanical issues your computer might develop.

A new PC needs to be protected from harm with internet security software. You should also be able to identify problems your computer develops with diagnostic tools. And you must be able to operate your computer so that you can fully enjoy taking photos, saving files, and copying music.

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