Many people complain about the speed of the internet. One of the things that can cause a person’s internet to run slow is the type of web browser that they are using. The top five fastest web browsers are Chrome 5.0, Opera 15.3, Firefox 4.0, Safari and Flock. Chrome is owned by Google and has been a favorite of internet users since its debut in 2008. In June of 2010, it won the browsers benchmarks with a score of 2798. Opera 15.3 comes in second place receiving a score of 1729. If users prefer not to use chrome, this is the next best choice because it is almost as fast.

Firefox is one of the most popular and has received a score of 1303. Many users like it because of its high-speed and its latest edition 4.0, is even more convenient for internet surfers to use. Safari is the default browser on all macs. It comes in fourth place right behind Firefox with a score of 1218. Flock comes in last place with a low score of 540. This score may be low, but this browser is a-lot faster than many other ones such as Internet Explorer 8 and Netscape 9.

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