Cleaning off items from your computer can drastically change the performance of your computer.

First, hard drive space can cause some programs and applications to run slowly. All Windows based computers have “add/remove” programs where the user can delete programs. Many programs can be downloaded without the user’s consent. It can be very useful to go into the add/remove programs and uninstall programs that you don’t want.

Another easy way to clean off your computer is to delete the history and cookies from your Internet browser. Any Internet browser will keep a history of web pages and downloaded items, along with cookies. This will accumulate because it won’t delete unless YOU delete them. Go into the options and delete them to allow some more free space allowed.

Viruses and spyware can also cause computers to run slow and sometimes not at all. Obtaining an antivirus and spyware remover programs can not only be useful for cleaning off your computer now, but will be a long term investment for your personal information and computer’s safety. Good antivirus can be bought either online or at a local retail store. The most popular is Norton Antivirus. Spybot is a good spyware remover too.If you like what you see, keep going: Learn How to Get Rid of XJR Anti-Spyware Instantly RemoveSpyware

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