My mother still pays for DirecTV. Can you believe that? I told her, “Mom, all you watch is Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and you’re paying almost 40 each month for it. Why don’t you watch that on Hulu?” The first response is, “What’s a ‘Hoo-loo?’” You might think that she would adore the concept of saving her monthly 40 TV expense, but, when I started to explain how she can watch unlimited episodes of recent and dated shows for free and with less commercials, she got defensive. For some reason, she thinks she wants to pay for TV because “it’s more convenient,” she “doesn’t have to sit down and push a bunch of buttons,” and “it takes too long to play ‘Hoo-loos.’” I call it brainwash.

You, my friend, are different than she is. You understand the benefits of watching free television programs on your PC. You know that breaking the chains is better because the commercials are fewer, you can pause and play without paying even more for DVR service, and, if you get away from the TV company, you can watch anything you want at whatever time without waiting for preprogrammed schedules. Make the smart choice.

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