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Many people complain about the speed of the internet. One of the things that can cause a person’s internet to run slow is the type of web browser that they are using. The top five fastest web browsers are Chrome 5.0, Opera 15.3, Firefox 4.0, Safari and Flock. Chrome is owned by Google and has been a favorite of internet users since its debut in 2008. In June of 2010, it won the browsers benchmarks with a score of 2798. Opera 15.3 comes in second place receiving a score of 1729. If users prefer not to use chrome, this is (more…)

Cleaning off items from your computer can drastically change the performance of your computer.

First, hard drive space can cause some programs and applications to run slowly. All Windows based computers have “add/remove” programs where the user can delete programs. Many programs can be downloaded without the user’s consent. It can be very useful to go into the add/remove programs and uninstall programs that you don’t want.

Another easy way to clean off your computer is to delete the history and cookies from your Internet browser. Any Internet browser will keep a history of (more…)

My mother still pays for DirecTV. Can you believe that? I told her, “Mom, all you watch is Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and you’re paying almost 40 each month for it. Why don’t you watch that on Hulu?” The first response is, “What’s a ‘Hoo-loo?’” You might think that she would adore the concept of saving her monthly 40 TV expense, but, when I started to explain how she can watch unlimited episodes of recent and dated shows for free and with less commercials, she got (more…)